Jim George

Some Recent History

August 2014

Jim is honored to have many worthy and highly talented students. Four piano students were nurtured into winning the state's MENC Composition Festival Award, and another to First Chair in the symphonic orchestra, another is 2nd chair. 8 students performed at the Topsfield Summer Concert on the Common over several years. Several have made albums of their own creations, one a full hour solo TV show - the list goes on. Give students freedom, encouragement, and knowledge - you never know what may happen!

At our recent celebration of students "Getting Better" it was a true talent show and variety show! Exciting, memorable, a "glow" as one in the audience reported! One parent new to the annual event said "It was really a concert in itself"

Jim has dedicated himself to developing individuals in and through their musical studies - a proven passion and ability. He does his homework to make sure each student gets what is needed. His schedule now is quite full, with students Monday through Thursday, special scheduling Fridays or Saturday morning, beginners through adults.

Fall 2014. Try group classes and collaborate as players and singers!

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