Jim George, ASCAP

2019 - Call for more information and schedule availability

Enjoy getting better all the time - feel the improvement! Beginner through late intermediate welcome. Call for more information!


If it isn't fun in some way, learning is, well, a chore. I try to find the way that is fun for the student. That's why all lessons are customized. There are many other factors to getting better, and I'm sensitive to these. I've been told I'm not a typical music / instrument 'teacher,' and I'm glad of that. Many of my students have had lessons before, and stopped due to the 'teacher.' Any student that doesn't continue with me just doesn't want to play the instrument, and that's fair. The students decide where their fun is. The students who do continue, well, they are getting quite good at what they want to do - it's my job to help get them there. So come have fun!

[The Gamer's Challenge- try to get to the next level on an instrument!].

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  • In a Pig's Eye - Salem
  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Lynnfield
  • First Church - Ipswich
  • Christ Church - Hamilton-Wenham
  • Caldwell Retirement Center
  • Wingate Village - Andover

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